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Season Achievements

2023 FIRST World Championships 

Franklin Division Inspire Finalist

Northern California Regional Championships

Inspire Award

Winning Alliance Captain

San Jose Qualifying Tournament

Inspire Award

Dublin Qualifying Tournament

2nd Inspire Award

Think Award Winner

Dublin Qualifier 12/11/22

During our qualifier this year, we were able to win 2nd Inspire Award and Think Award largely thanks to our outreach. We ran into difficulties with our robot's performance, but we were still able to advance to NorCal Regionals. In the meantime, we will continue working hard to make a functioning robot.

San Jose Qualifier 1/8/23

In our second qualifier, we were able to win the momentous Inspire Award, thanks to our outreach initiatives. Even though our robot encountered some issues during the matches, we still managed to push through. In the meantime, we will continue to go big. 


NorCal Regionals  3/4-5/23

At the 2023 NorCal Regional Championship, we were able to double advance to worlds as the Winning Alliance Captain and Inspire 1st place! We were also the first seed in the Gold division and allianced with Team #14525 Terrabats and Team #16236 Juice to win the competition in a closely-contested and intense final matches! We would like to extend our most gracious thanks to Terrabats and Juice, as we would not have won without them, especially during our finals match #2. Our improved outtake system and intake system allowed us to score very reliably and quickly, and along with its software controls, we had a very competitive autonomous in the matches. We look forward to competing in the FIRST World's Festival in Houston this year.


World Championships  4/19-4/22

At the 2023 First World Championships, we got Inspire runner up in the Franklin Division! We were ranked 28 at the end of elimination matches. However, we got picked to the 2nd alliance as the second pick. We would like to thank our alliance captain Cyber Eagles 10544 and alliance partner Peppers 19044 for the exciting matches!

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