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Ages: 11-17 | 7/7- 7/20| 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM PT (M-F)

$350 | 15 students, ~3 teachers

In Person!

Object oriented programming brims with powerful potential and is used in virtually all fields of software engineering and beyond. Learn this programming paradigm through the extremely versatile Java language, used in applications of every form, through a course of intuitive project-based lessons. The course is taught by students who have excelled in the AP Computer Science course and will bring students to a level where they are ready to use Java in professional contexts.

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Students will commence their journey with Java Basics during the initial week, engaging in small projects and challenges, including a networking project. Moving into the second week, students will select a personal project of interest for further exploration. Common projects include the development of games like Tic Tac Toe or Connect Four. Throughout this process, students will hone their coding and debugging skills independently, supplemented by occasional short lectures to aid their progress.

By Alvaro Montoro on CodePen

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