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Ages: 11-17 | 7/3- 7/14| 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM PT (M-F)

$350 | 8 students, 2-3 teachers

In Person!

Object oriented programming brims with powerful potential and is used in virtually all fields of software engineering and beyond. Learn this programming paradigm through the extremely versatile Java language, used in applications of every form, through a course of intuitive project-based lessons. The course is taught by students who have excelled in the AP Computer Science course and will bring students to a level where they are ready to use Java in professional contexts.

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By Alvaro Montoro on CodePen

Students will begin their learning by using Java's graphical capabilities to create a fun image of their dream house. Other projects to supplement learning, which will show the power of new concepts while giving students practice, include a bank account project, utilizing tools such as user input. Throughout the course, students will create a complete Tic Tac Toe game from scratch that they can play, and advanced students will even have time to create an algorithm to allow the computer to play the best strategy.

Students with a computer from the last decade will be able to participate, though at minimum the computer should have the CPU and memory to run Zoom and another intensive application at the same time. It will be very helpful for students to be able to view a screenshare and write code at the same time, or at the minimum have a large screen.

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