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We are a self sustainable team looking for students interested in robotics to join our team. On our team, you will learn technical robot-related skills, outreach skills, and communication, managerial, and leadership skills that you will never forget.


You must be an incoming 8th-10th grader (preferably 9th) and willing to commute to Palo Alto to apply. No experience is required.

Deadline: May 10th



Clicking apply will take you to a Google Form that collects basic information about you, asks for your interests, and asks some introductory questions about you.

After you submit the Google Form, all of our team leads will read over your application form and write a summary of your application. After a few days, we will send you an email, asking for a Zoom interview.

In the Zoom interview, we dive deeper into three things. (1) Your technical skills, depending on what subteam you are applying to, (2) your personal characteristics, and (3) your life outside robotics and school.

After the interviews, all of our team leads have a discussion about what you bring to the table and team fit. The decision of acceptance will then be made. In certain circumstances, we will request a ~2 week "trial period" where you will work with some members of the team without being accepted.

our selection process
what we look for


We look much farther than technical skills. What are some traits that we value?

Kuriosity is full of passionate and hard-working members. A great way to show your passion and hard working ethic is to study up on our selection process and team. Those who prepare stand out compared to those who don’t.


At Kuriosity, the team frequently branches off into subteams to take on projects and initiatives. Nobody is ever working separately from the team.

collaboration and cooperation

Life changing opportunities occur frequently, but they must be seized. Members who take initiative over opportunities that pop up around them and have the curiosity to dive deeper into the unknown will grow and fit right in at Kuriosity.

initiative and kuriosity

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