Season Achievements

  • Inspire Award | Google Qualifier

  • Winning Alliance Captain | Google Qualifier

  • Design Award | Sacred Heart Qualifier

  • Winning Alliance Partner | Sacred Heart Qualifier

  • Featured on NorCal's FTC Facebook page

  • Ranked 18th in the Top 25 FTC Teams (international)

Google Qualifier 12/14/19

For our first qualifier of the season, we were very successful on the playing field, as we went undefeated, set the NorCal record for points scored, and were the winning alliance captain. We also won the inspire award, as our hard work on the outreach and business side of things paid off as well. We had a great time at this event and hope to continue our success moving into the Sacred Heart Qualifier on 1/11/19.

Sacred heart Qualifier 01/11/20

In our second and last qualifier of this season, we set the NorCal record for most points scored without a penalty, and had a record of 9-1. We won the Design Award, courtesy of the brilliant and hardworking minds on our build team. Our three stone auto and nine-stone stacking capability proved to be very useful throughout the competition. Unfortunately, our robot did break in the last finals match, but we were able to push through the challenge, and our alliance won. We look forward to competing again at Regionals.