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Season Achievements

  • Inspire Award | Google Qualifier

  • Winning Alliance | Google Qualifier

  • Control 2nd Place Award | Google Qualifier

  • Think 3rd Place Award | Google Qualifier

  • Design Award | Walnut Creek Qualifier

  • Innovate 2nd Award | Walnut Creek Qualifier

  • Winning Alliance | Napa Qualifier

  • Think Award | Napa Qualifier

  • Control 3rd Place Award | Napa Qualifier

  • Motivate​ 2nd Place Award | Napa Qualifier

  • Connect 3rd Place Award | Napa Qualifier

  • Control Award | Northern California Regionals

For our first qualifier of the season, we experienced many successes with our robot game while learning a lot about the flaws to our robot and the improvements that could be made. We were a part of the winning alliance with team 8381 M who we also set the, at the time, NorCal record of 310 points. We will advance to the NorCal Regionals with the Inspire Award.

Walnut Creek Qualifier 1/12/19 

During this qualifier, we experienced a lot of disconnections from our robot. We ended up winning four out of our five qualifying matches and finished as semi-finals alliance captain. From this competition, we learned how to solve our disconnection problems and learned to make improvements to certain parts of our robot for the next qualifier and regionals.

Walnut Creek.jpg

Google Qualifier 12/08

Napa Qualifier 2/9/19

During our last qualifier, returned to our successes winning or nominated for a total of 5 awards, and improving greatly from our previous disappointing qualifier. The judges were thoroughly impressed with our outreach and our robot alike and we were again part of the winning alliance with team 8375 Vulcan Robotics, and rookie team 14323 Half-Wit Hatchlings

NorCal Regional Championships 3/3/19

During our regional championship in Independence High School, we were the 4th seed in the Silicon Division and won the control award. After alliancing with team 9784 Dry Ice, and team 11311 Paragon, we eventually lost in the semifinals for the Silicon Divisions. Even though we improved our performance from last year drastically, we unfortunately didn't advance to Worlds.

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