Team 12635: Houston World Championships Bound!


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ABOUT Kuriosity

Kuriosity Robotics is a community robotics team composed of 9 high school students from across the Bay Area. Originally founded 5 years ago, Kuriosity Robotics started as an FLL team. 3 years ago, Kuriosity joined FTC. Throughout this time, Kuriosity has established a reputation for inspiring others both on and off the playing field. 

Kuriosity Robotics aims to tackle the diversity problem in the STEM field and bring robotics to the underserved, and use the skills we've developed to give back to the community. Kuriosity mentored students all over the world with international outreach and designed online coding courses to make STEM learning accessible to everyone.

Every year, we also design, manufacture, and program a high-performing robot. This season, Kuriosity Robotics qualified for competition at the FIRST World Championships. At the NorCal Regional Championship, Kuriosity Robotics was crowned NorCal Champion, also winning the Design Award. Kuriosity has also held the California point record for several years in a row.

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