Summer Courses

  • Interactive, "Hands-on", online format. No in-person courses due to COVID-19.

  • 1:2 Student to Teacher Ratio

  • In-depth lessons on industry-level topics, taught by a veteran FTC Team

  • Courses for all levels and ages of students

  • $20 per hour for all courses (all proceeds contribute to Kuriosity Robotics Face Shield Production)

  • CAD,  Java, EV3

4.77 out of 5 Rating


  •  Industry-level parametric 3D modelling, a skill that is key for design, in Fusion 360.

  • Hands-on learning where students physically CAD.

  • Course culminates in every student creating a CAD model of a multi-piece object of their choice.

  • Course will cover how CAD can be applied with machining, and every student will receive a custom 3D printed piece of their own design!

  • Students Grade 6+

$200 for two weeks of classes on weekdays, with 1 hour each day.


  • Program and master a LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robot, used in the FIRST® Lego League. 

  • Basics of robotics control through a block-coding interface.

  • Students loaned their own EV3 robot if they do not have one 

  • Students Grade 3+

$400 for 2 hour classes for two weeks of classes on weekdays. 



  • Java from scratch, the coding language used in FTC, whose principles are core for FOOP and beyond.

  • Thorough teaching, with interactive projects, to ensure a strong foundation for more advanced programming.

  • Taught by members with thorough programming experience (of AP Computer Science level and above), to prepare students for more advanced programming and the AP Computer Science course.

  • Students Grade 6+

$300 for two weeks of classes on weekdays, with 1.5 hours each day.