about us

We are a team of curious kids located in Palo Alto, California who love to build robots and inspire others. Our mission is to inspire our community about STEM and robotics by providing direct, hands-on experience, and applying our engineering experience in ways that will benefit our community.


Hey, I’m Sam Duong, and I’m a sophomore at Palo Alto High School. I am the Team Captain for Kuriosity Robotics and a founding member. My favorite things to do on the team are programming and build. Outside of robotics I enjoy playing the guitar and watching football.

Sam Duong
Team Captain
Albert Cai

Hi, I'm Albert Cai, and I'm a sophomore at Palo Alto High School and the build lead for Kuriosity Robotics. I have been with Kuriosity in its 4 years of existence. I enjoy all aspects of FIRST, but like building the most because it is hands-on and there are no boundaries.

Build/Design Lead
Arthur Balva

Hi, I’m Arthur and I’m currently a freshman at Palo Alto High School. I am part of the build team and this year was my second year as a member of Kuriosity after 3 years of experience in FLL. Outside of robotics, I have a passion for swimming and learning new things.

Khue Do
Reid Dye

Hi, I’m Reid and I’m a freshman at Crystal Springs Uplands School.  I am on the build team and am joining Kuriosity this season.  Outside of robotics, I enjoy swimming, tinkering with random things, and creating sizable and usually intentional explosions in my backyard.

Hi, I'm Khue and I'm currently a sophomore at Palo Alto High School. I'm 15 years old and enjoy robotics with my team. I had a lizard named Mango. Outside of robotics, I like to play tennis and eat lots of food.

Ethan Liang

Hello, I'm Ethan Liang, a freshman at Gunn High School. I am part of the programming team, and enjoy working with software quite a bit. Outside of working with the team, I like music, especially playing the piano.

Adithya Narayan

I'm Adithya Narayan, and I am currently a sophomore at the Stanford Online High School. I mostly work on the business team, but occasionally dabble in programming. Aside from robotics, I have a passion for playing tennis, chess, eating food, and most importantly, sleeping whenever possible. 

Business Team

Hi! I'm Austin, and I'm a sophomore at Palo Alto High School. I am currently on the build and business team and outside of robotics, I enjoy playing percussion and supporting the 49ers, Warriors, and Giants.

Austin Xiang


Binh-Minh Nguyen

Senior at Gunn High School 

Lucy Ma

Hi, I'm Lucy Ma, a freshman at Gunn High School. I am part of the business team. Outside of robotics, I play the piano and the viola. 


Hi, I'm Tram and I'm a senior at Carlmont High School. As the business lead, I'm in charge of planning outreach events, sponsorships, and buying snacks to feed the children. Outside of robotics, I'm a painter and photographer with a love for science.

Tram Phan
Business Lead
Chi Tran

Hey! My name is Chi and I am a senior at Palo Alto High School. My interests include piano, singing, and of course robotics. On this team, I manage business, accounting, and outreach. 

Business, Accountant
Ryan Su

Hi, I am Ryan Su and I am a freshman attending Bellarmine College Preparatory. I am part of the build team. When I am not doing robotics, I enjoy playing basketball and sleeping.