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International Outreach

Taking on the World


We organized a 2-hour long EV3 robotics class at a Vietnamese school for kids in Holland. 26 eager kids showed up, eager to learn more about STEM and robotics. There, we taught the children about different motors, the touch sensor, and the aspect of STEM and FIRST. This trip inspired less fortunate kids to get into robotics and hopefully do it in the future.


We also traveled to France where we taught a family how to build a simple robot and code it. Using the robot we made, we then programmed the motors and introduced them to the different sized motors, touch sensors, and color sensors.


We traveled to Mumbai, India, to teach 40 students about STEM and EV3. We first introduced what STEM education was, and then delved into the basics of building and programming with EV3. In the end, the students were able to make their own programs without trouble. We also inspired the local children to get into robotics and hopes to start an FLL team with them in the future, mentoring them both online and in-person workshops.


Our goal for the Lucknow initiative was to inspire the underserved to connect with the STEM field. Because Lucknow is a relatively underserved town, we decided to fly there to teach 25 students from KK Academy how to code and build with EV3. We were able to create an FLL team with those 25 students, who will go on to create more FLL teams through mentoring other students.

HANOI 2019

Our goal for the Vietnam initiative was to allow the underserved to be able to access STEM materials easily. Due to Vietnam being relatively underserved, we decided traveled there to teach 7 students how to code and build with EV3. Through the Vietnam Initiative, we were able to expand our target audience and have a greater influence around the world.

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