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Creating FIRST hand experiences

Mitchell Park Library

After teaching an EV3 course, we did a demo of our robot outside. Interested kids were allowed to drive the robot alongside our members. The demo attracted a lot of people and seemed to motivate and inspired kids.

Sofia University

Combined with our Sofia University Scrimmage, we allowed attending kids to drive our robot alongside our drivers after every couple of matches. Additionally, we introduced a class that we were planning on co-teaching as well. The course will be from February-May, and our team members will teach some of the courses. 

San Mateo Recreation Center

We were invited to present our team at a Lunar New Years’ event in which over 300 people attended. We presented a short slideshow about our team and FIRST that explained our process and journey through this season and the importance of outreach. We introduced our 1st generation robot, Kuro, to the attendees and allowed for interested people to drive Kuro alongside our driver team before and after the presentation.

El Carmelo Elementary SChool

At El Carmelo Elementary School, a local elementary school in Palo Alto, an annual Lego night was being hosted. We were granted permission to demo our robot outside the building, next to the event. We set up a tarp with foam tiles laid on top with a cryptobox and relic pad and allowed interested kids to drive our robot. Additionally, we had an interested mentor of an upcoming FTC team ask us to help them with their start with FTC.

Boy Scouts of America: Troop 47

We co-hosted a demo for the Boy Scouts of America alongside Team 9784 Dry Ice and 4345 Aragon Robotics. We let the Boy Scouts drive our robot and showed them the different controls for the different mechanisms. 

Woodland School Demo

Ryan showcased our Rover Ruckus robot at his school where he taught kids about robotics to get them involved with STEM. Additionally, he allowed them to drive the robot. Approximately 200 kids (K-8) were at the demo. This outreach event prompted the school's interest in starting a robotics team for the school because there wasn't one currently.

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