"Achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men and women keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit."

- Conrad Hilton

Throughout the Relic Recovery season, we won six awards and was in the winning alliance all three qualifiers we attended. We were in the top 1%, ranked 118 out of 9000 teams in the world according to


First Qualifier @ Burlingame: We were the Winning Alliance Captain. We won the PTC Design Award and received the second place Inspire Award (second best team overall). We also set the NorCal Record with 377 points which lasted from 12/9/17 to 1/28/18.


Second Qualifier @ Santa Clara: We were the first pick for the winning alliance. We won the Judges Award and received the third place Inspire Award (third best team). 


Third Qualifier @ Napa: We were the first pick for the winning alliance and won the 1st Place Inspire Award (best overall team). We also tied the NorCal record with 488 points.


NorCal Regional Championship: We were the 5th best-ranked team in our division out of 32 teams. We were the semifinalist in our division. 



Throughout the 2018 Rover Ruckus season, we have won six awards and have been in the Winning Alliance two out of our three qualifiers. 


First Qualifier @ Google: We were part of the winning alliance and were rewarded with the Inspire Award.


Second Qualifier @ Walnut Creek: We were the first place Alliance Captain and won the Design Award. 


Third Qualifier @ Napa: We were the Winning Alliance first pick. We ultimately received the Think Award but were also nominated for the Control, Motivate, and Connect awards. 

NorCal Regional Championship: We placed 4th in our division and were Alliance Captain for the semi-final round, as well as receiving the control award.